During the session expect a relaxed and fun atmosphere, my goal is simply to capture images that reflect the personalities of those being photographed. I do not have a specified time limit, although one to two hours seems to be the norm.  Newborn sessions however last around three hours. Attire is left to individual preference and I am more than happy to accommodate clothing changes.  In the process of booking, we can discuss individual expectations and tailor the session accordingly.
A maternity session is typically done around 30-36 weeks but there is no set time. They can take place indoors or outside, and can include husbands and siblings. Things to bring along could be sonogram photos, baby shoes, block letters, or any other special item to be in the photograph. Each session is unique and up to the individual, but remember simple is often better.

Photographing newborns is best around or before 10 days new. At this age they sleep very sound and are easily maneuvered into all those cute poses. I have a studio set aside in my home that I prefer to use. This is a comfortable environment for baby, which means we may be hot but the little one will sleep! If your preference is for newborn photos to be taken in the comfort of your own home, arrangements can be made for an additional fee. Newborn photos turn out best if taken in the nude. Cute hats for either sex and headbands for girls make great accessories, I have an extensive collection available to clients. For mothers and fathers taking pictures with the new one, solid white and/or black shirts and tank tops are perfect.

For children, seniors, and families, I can take pictures in a preferred location outside or I can provide suggestions. Early morning and late afternoon / early evening times tend to have the best natural lighting. For senior pictures, I will target at least two outdoor locations and encourage a clothing change or two.